Dual Bed Purifiers


The DBP-Series of Catalytic Purifiers combine the functions of our RCP-Series Catalytic Purifiers with our MSD-Series Molecular Sieve Dryers in a single chamber. DBP's are rated according to the nominal maximum flow rate of the included RCP bed and have MSD "Capacity" twice that of the RCP portion.

A standard DBP can remove Oxygen and Water from Hydrogen or Hydrogen and Water from Oxygen or Air. They operate at room temperature and match the capabilities of the RCP’s and MSD’s they replace, and, like our MSD’s, they can be regenerated. They are typically terminated with Cajon VCR fittings or Swagelok compression fittings, although other terminations are available on special order.

Special DBP Purifiers are available with regenerable Oxygen Absorbent beds substituted for the Recombiner beds used in "standard" DBP Purifiers.

The absorbant portion of these devices removes Oxygen from non-reactive gases such as Nitrogen or Argon.

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