Catalytic Purifiers

      • Continuous In-Line Operation
      • All-Welded Stainless Steel Construction
      • Ambient Temperature Operation

      RSI PURIFIERS (LLC) RCP Gas Purifiers combine oxygen and hydrogen catalytically at ambient temperatures. At design capacities, RCP Purifiers can reduce 1% oxygen in hydrogen or 1% hydrogen in oxygen or air to less than 1 ppm.  

     RCP’s operate continuously. They do not have to be taken out of service for regeneration and, because they can operate at room temperature, do not require utilities such as electricity.

      Unit sizes are defined in terms of flow rates at which the units will reduce 1% oxygen in hydrogen to less than 1 ppm. The process produces both water vapor and heat. Water vapor is often removed with desiccants such as are found in our MSD Series Dryers. (Dual Bed Purifiers are available which combine the RCP and MSD functions.)

      RCP Series purifiers are of fully welded stainless steel construction and are capable of handling full rated pressure at operating temperatures as high as 450°C.

TYPICAL USES: The RCP Series of purifiers is particularly useful for upgrading electrolytic hydrogen, for protecting palladium-alloy hydrogen purifiers from oxygen in their feed streams and for preventing the introduction of oxygen into hydrogen lines during routine cylinder changes.


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